Benefits of Joining a Boat Club

Previously there weren’t many options besides renting or buying a boat to get out on the water. Fortunately, that has changed in recent years with the sharing economy continuing to grow. Now there are plenty of boat clubs and boat shares available.

In Tahoe boat rentals are costly for a day out on the lake so if you plan on getting on the water often the cost can add up quick and rentals aren’t always available during the summer when everyone wants to get on the water. This is where the boat club offers a unique alternative.

Lower Cost

Boat prices have gone up in recent years and loans aren’t as easy to get. According to Buying an older boat may be lower than the paying monthly but then there is the risk of higher maintenance cost as well as the time it takes to take care of it. The value of a boat you own is going to go down over time however with the ability to sell or transfer your membership you are always able to get your initiation returned. Also you will get to use new boats after every two seasons.

No Hassle

Buying a boat doesn’t just involve the cost. There is a lot of work and time that goes into owning a boat. You have to clean it, store it, and deal with launching it. Being in a club alleviates all of the stress that comes with boat ownership. You pay your initiation, monthly dues and fuel and the rest is handled for you. In fact you don’t even have to drive if you decide to book a captain. Just show up at the launch with everything you need for the day and get out on the water.

Social Benefit

Just like joining any other private club being a member has social benefits. For one time out on the lake with family and friends provides for great memories and a whole new world of activities such as wake surfing, tubing, and water skiing. As a member you also get to attend events where you can socialize with other members. Getting out on the water is a great way to meet other people that spend their time boating on Lake Tahoe as well. Whether its being anchored up at a secluded beach or grabbing lunch at one of the lake front restaurant you are sure to meet other people that share the same passion for Lake Tahoe and boating. 

If you are interested in joining IV Boat Club we have memberships available for this coming season.

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