Boat Club Policies and Procedures

Initiation Fee:

$12,500 (one-time, non-refundable)

Monthly Dues:

$600/month (monthly dues are paid year-round, regardless of access to use of Watercraft)

Cleaning Fees:

Basic cleaning between member uses is included in Monthly Dues.

Cleaning Fee: – $100 (applies if Member leaves Watercraft in excessively dirty condition)

Extreme Cleaning Fee: – $150 (Applies if Watercraft requires significant additional cleaning, such as carpet shampooing, significant stain removal or cleaning of major food waste, etc at the discretion of Company)

Additional Cleaning Fees:  

If professional cleaning is required, Member will be responsible for all costs of cleaning, plus a 20% mark-up, including costs of professional cleaning plus any delivery charges associated with transporting Watercraft to professional cleaning service.

Additional Services and/or Supplies:

All services and/or supplies requested by Member prior to delivery of the Watercraft will be charged at cost plus a reasonable markup at the discretion of the Company.  Specific costs will be quoted upon the request of the Member.  A standard price list of commonly requested services and items will be provided on a seasonal basis based on cost and availability.

Members can view days booked via the Boat Club App

  1. Reservations for use of Watercraft are made based on a rolling reservation system.  A member may reserve a maximum of four reservation periods during a rolling 32-day period.
  2. When a Member uses one of the reserved reservation periods, the Member may immediately schedule another reservation, so long as the Member never has more than four confirmed reservations on the schedule at one time.
  3. An additional reservation beyond the maximum four reservation periods may be made based on availability and approval by Company no more than 24-hours in advance.  
  4. Company reserves the right to refuse any reservations made on less than 48-hour notice.
  5. Member shall be present at all times during the reservation period. Member agrees to arrive punctually at the beginning and the end of each reservation period. 
  6. In the event that a Member is more than thirty (30) minutes late to a reservation, said reservation shall be automatically cancelled unless otherwise agreed to between Member and Company. 
  7. In the event that a Member is more than thirty (30) minutes late in returning the Watercraft at the end of a reservation period, without permission from Company, Member shall pay a late charge of $100 for every thirty (30) minute interval that Member is late. This $100 per thirty (30) minute interval late charge shall not apply in the event that the cause of Member being late is a malfunction of the Watercraft which prohibits Member from returning on time so long as Member has complied with all terms and conditions of this Agreement. 
  8. Company may reasonably limit each Member’s ability to make advance reservations at the sole discretion of Company. 
  9. To ensure equal access to all Members, no Member may reserve more than one reservation period during weekends or holidays.  Weekends are defined as Saturday and Sunday.  Holidays include Memorial Day, Father’s Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, plus the two days immediately before and the two days immediately after the Holiday.
  10. Company shall make reasonable efforts to equitably allocate reservations among members during high volume periods so that each member has similar access to Watercrafts. 
  11. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Member understands and agrees that Company may reserve specific times for Company purposes at Company’s discretion (i.e. – demos to potential new members, employee appreciation days, etc.). 
  1. Meet at scheduled boat launch at time of reservation (please accommodate time for parking). 
    1. Ski  Beach
    2. Lake Forest
  1. Load any personal items or gear in loading zone of boat launch only. Confirm equipment on board (water sports gear, number of life vests, etc.)
  1. When everyone is on board Elevated Watersports employee will back the boat into the water. Do not start the engine until boat is fully in the water. 
  1. Call or text Elevated Watersports contact within 30 minutes of arrival to scheduled launch.
  1. Empty ballast tanks and put away all equipment on board before returning
  1. Slowly and carefully pull into launch at same location you departed from.
  1. Remove your personal items and trash from boat. 
  1. Check out with IVBC employee upon departure. Please inform us of any problems, incidents, accidents, engine alarms, broken or missing equipment or issues with propeller.

No wake 1000 feet from shore

Boater safety can be taken at boater-ed